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State of the Art Vascular Testing

Why our Vascular Assesment Program makes sense for your office.


  • Preserves Life

  • Improves Quality of Life

  • Reduces Practice Liabilities

  • Increases Reimbursable Production

  • Saves Insurers Money

  • Adds Value to Your Practice Worth

  • New Objective Tools for Patient Progress Assessment using non-invasive—functional and dynamic testing


Personal and Practice Protection
The most valuable financial asset you have is your practice. It is what allows you to make a living and support your family. It also is the business that serves others in your community who depend on you for good healthcare. Your relationships with your patients are often special and heartfelt and give both yourself and your patient patrons a sense of caring and assistance.

This relationship can be spoiled by practice family members who have been coerced by unscrupulous attorneys promising investigations into possible malpractice where a financial settlement is almost always assured. Learn how we can objectively protect you and your special relationships with your valued patients. Don’t take chances with your career or livelihood. 

Save a Life and Have a Great Day

Your caring staff always likes the feeling of being involved with helping patients. Knowing when patients have suspicious readings from well-proven diagnostics that could Save Lives with early intervention options as compared to emergency procedures is nothing short of gratifying.

Join our Family of Practitioners and learn how you can enjoy this benefit on a regular basis. Document the lives you save and the unnecessary costs on society for ambulatory and hospital care that could have been avoided.

Understanding that Vascular Testing Is Part of a Program, Not Just a Piece of Equipment With Directions.

After careful evaluation of your practice through a practice analysis questionnaire, you will either be accepted to participate and receive a third party financial guarantee by a $2 billion dollar Guarantee Company to ensure your participation against economic risk or you will be declined, even if you offer to pay cash for the program. Following nearly a decade of experience without a single practice failure is truly amazing. This is because our group carefully screens each practice interested in 
pursuing the benefits of the program based on patient profiles that are known and the local ability to receive testing reimbursement that is sustainable.

Program vs Equipment Purchase
For purposes of strategic financing where practices with good credit can enjoy as much as 6 months without a payment that potentially will allow them to reap all the benefits including recouping the entire cost of the program during the first six months is astounding—yet it is very possible.

Unlike anyone else in the field of non-invasive CVD testing, we have a carefully crafted program that is customized to fit your office. This means coaching call interaction, education, training and support that are unparalleled including our professional billing strategy consulting for the first 3 months to assure your success.


The best analogy we can offer is: would you rather purchase a McDonald’s franchise or start your own hamburger business without the experience and track record of a proven turnkey program? If you are a naturally gifted business person and can start and execute anything flawlessly, perhaps you don’t need us. If you are conservative and want to ensure success on all fronts,

then look no further.

So What Are the Tests and Who Qualifies?
1200+ pages of research published on the internet about HRV-Heart Rate Variability, PWV-Pulse Wave Velocity and SF-Sudomotor Function are the core of our Vascular Testing. These tests also lend themselves to ongoing and medically necessary 99212, 213, 214 visits in group settings that can be administered by a healthcare student. Improve scores with solutions taught through our program that are easy and generate referrals and ongoing revenues that will top $1,000 per year per patient.

Test the statistical population that qualifies (60% over age 35) and earn $500 or more for a 20-25 minute test that is patient comfortable, convenient, and potentially life saving. Diabetes, obesity, smoking, idiopathic neuropathies (including pain), hyperlipidemia, elevated BP, personal or familial history of heart disease and more. Do you have these high risk patients in your practice?

You Get What You Pay For.
This introduction is your invitation to speak with our Medical Director and learn more about the tests and the need for testing. What the tests offer to you for your discipline and the general parameters that are needed to be successful. There are no healthcare distributors who sell our program in mass because we are looking for the right practitioners, not just anyone 
like our competitors who continue to sell to anyone and without a turnkey formula for your success. Once they sell you on a cheap version, they are done and move on and now it is your problem to figure the method to work the equipment in your office. The typical result is failure. Why pay for potential failure, when our program has a 125% Success Guarantee?


Feel free to contact me to set up your private conference call with our Medical Director and COO to answer all your medical and business questions.

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